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Judge: Rebecca Pallmeyer
Court: U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois
Opposing Counsel: Swanson, Martin & Bell; and other counsel
Outcome: Total judgment exceeded $1.6 million; cost award exceeded $30,000. Seventh Circuit appeal, settled for nearly full judgment paid by seven insurance companies. Published opinions on trial and motion practice.
Synopsis: Represented Class 1 railroad in a CERCLA environmental action to recover site remediation costs from former tenant in dissolution and successor tenant and certain individual operators. Trial spanned four months.

Judge: Ralph Reyna
Court: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Opposing Counsel: Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw
Outcome: Jury verdict for client for remaining balance due under contract, defense verdict on counterclaim.
Synopsis: Represented 60-year-old family-owned roofing contractor in contract action brought to recover unpaid amount of roofing services to historic Lake Geneva, WI mansion and coach house. Defendant counterclaimed for cost of tear-off and re-roof (compensatory damages >$650,000 plus >$350,000 attorney’s fee claim). One week jury trial.

Judge: Thomas Flanagan
Court: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Opposing Counsel: Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen, Ltd.
Outcome: Defense verdict entered (against $1,000,000 demand to jury), and cost award.
Synopsis: Represented Chicago’s then-largest commercial property owner against Illinois Structural Work Act personal-injury action brought by commercial window washer. Two-week jury trial.

Judge: James Moran
Court: US District Court, Northern District of Illinois
Outcome: Defense judgment entered (against $650,000 sought, plus statutory attorneys’ fees). Published court opinion concerning dismissal of individual employees not named in EEOC charge.
Synopsis: Synopsis: Represented international oceanic shipper of containerized freight in sexual harassment case, implicating more than fourteen employees in Chicago office. Week long bench trial before then-Chief Judge in District Court.

Judge: Duane Daugherty
Court: Circuit Court of Jasper County, Indiana
Outcome: Jury verdict entered for zero damage award (against $10,000,000 demand to jury). Affirmed on appeal to Indiana Appellate Court.
Synopsis: Retained three weeks before jury trial to represent national motel chain against personal injury claim arising out of swimming pool ladder collapse case. Admitted pro hac vice to Indiana bar on emergency basis. Three-day jury trial. Liability admitted by predecessor defense counsel, no expert witnesses named for defense.

Judge: Magistrate Morton Denlow
Court: US District Court, Northern District of Illinois
Outcome: Defense judgment after 3-day bench trial. Published trial opinion.
Synopsis: Defended corporation and officers against Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claim, plus statutory attorney’s fees.

Judge: Donald J. O’Brien, Jr.
Court: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Outcome: $70,000 award (against $1,000,000 demand to jury).
Synopsis: Defended national trucking company and its driver of a semi-tractor and double-tandem trailer, while being pulled over by state trooper, for claim arising out of vehicle collision with motorist and child passenger in vehicle on Kennedy Expressway, Chicago, Illinois. Motorist sustained herniated-disc injury; permanence and surgical issues raised and lost wages. Emotional distress claimed by child. Eight day jury trial.

Judge: John Darrah (now District Court Judge)
Court: Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois
Opposing Counsel: Ross & Hardies
Outcome: Jury verdict for defense on all counts presented to jury. Adverse judgment against clients on single count withheld from jury ($70,000), reversed outright on appeal to Second District.
Synopsis: Defended individual clients and corporation against claims of unfair competition, breach of loyalty and unjust enrichment; claims in excess of $500,000. One week jury trial.

Arbitration: San Francisco, California
Opposing Counsel: Michael Best & Friedrich, LLC
Outcome: Arbitrator’s award of total amount sought, plus 10% pre-judgment interest award under California law obtained from arbitrator. Total amount collected in supplemental proceedings
Synopsis: Contractor’s action against national warehousing company; action stayed in favor of arbitration provision. Defense abandoned arbitration on eve of hearing after submission of hearing materials. Award confirmed as Illinois judgment; full amount collected in Illinois supplemental proceedings directed against third-party broker conducting multi-million dollar re-financing for judgment debtor.

Judge: Paddy McNamara
Court: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Opposing Counsel: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLP. (supplementary proceedings)
Outcome: Judgment ($65,000) for full amount; fully collected in supplemental proceedings directed against Defendants and third-party bank.
Synopsis: Represented CPA in action to collect fees for services rendered against three start-up medical product/services companies. Three day bench trial.