Environmental compliance is a complex and rapidly changing area of the law. CK&A assists developers, landowners, railroads, sellers or purchasers of real estate, among others, in investigating and evaluating potential site contamination exposure and reaching cost containment remedies. As importantly, CK&A works with its clients to reach cost-effective compliance and maximum protection from civil or regulatory actions.

One of CK&A’s lawyers proceeded to trial under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (“CERCLA”), also known as the Superfund law, which resulted in a judgment at trial for the client exceeding $1.6 million, and a successful defense on appeal. CK&A’s lawyers have handled underground storage tank remediations, diesel fuel spills, Clean Air Act permitting disputes and defended against a variety of state and federal remedial efforts across Illinois and neighboring states threatened or brought by private parties or governmental authorities.


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